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Questions & answers

Contact us for a free consultation. We can advise you which smart charging product is best for you and whether you qualify for an EV Grant.

No. EV charge point installers need to be EV and OLEV qualified.

To qualify you must:

  • Own an electric vehicle, have ordered an electric vehicle, have an electric vehicle leased or as a company car.
  • Intend to keep the vehicle for 6 months or longer from the date you took keepership.
  • Have off-street parking such as a driveway or garage.
  • Choose one of the smart charge points we have available.

A smart charge point is basically one which connects to the internet. This means it can be accessed remotely, allowing you to set timers for example. It also means that the Government will be able to monitor usage, reducing high peaks of electricity which will put a strain on the grid. For our customers this should mean that customers will be able to keep costs down by making the most of off-peak charging periods when the rates are lower.

Contact us for a free consultation and we can advise you how much it costs to charge your vehicle from home, how much a smart charger costs to install (whether you qualify for a government grant for installation) and which products we supply and install.

Yes. We pride ourselves on offering a full consultancy for the installation and maintenance of our services. We only ever provide the most cost-effective advice and independent consultation for your budget and business.

The smart charge points that we install will track the amount of electricity used by your employees, customers and visitors and provide digital reports, either weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.